Group news

07/15/2019: Nishchal attended 4th Johns Hopkins University Summer School on “Materials Growth and Design: Discovery in the Era of Big (Materials) Data”- July 7- 13.

07/08/2019: Maia receives the 2019 URSP fellowship. Congratulations!

07/01/2019: Nirmal attended conference “Competing Interactions and Colossal Responses in Transition Metal Compounds” at Telluride, Co – June 25-29.

06/08/2019: Nirmal attended “Young Investigator Workshop” at Oak Ridge National Lab – June 6 – 7.

06/03/2019: Maia Michel joins the group. Welcome!

03/27/2019: Nirmal gives a condensed matter seminar at Johns Hopkins University

11/15/2018: Synthesis lab in Planetary 402 is functional!

10/25/2018: Nirmal attends AAPT New Faculty Workshop at College Park, MD 

09/20/2018: Nirmal gives a condensed matter seminar at University of Virginia

09/15/2018: Nicholas Bishop joins the group. Welcome! 

09/10/2018: Nishchal Thapa joins the group. Welcome!